26.02.21 - Ambitious Projects in Sensitive Sites

Protected sites and listed buildings provide unique and interesting challenges. Every area with an appraised heritage or some architectural significance has its own specific factors for consideration, particular to the location and its history. Working within these parameters, each project requires its own approach. Our goal is to create a proposal that meets the requirements of the brief, the constraints of the site and its context and adds to an architectural conversation.

A safer approach to a sensitive site can make the planning process smoother, but fails to progress fruitful interaction between designers and planners. A more ambitious proposal often opens up this dialogue earlier, allowing for a more positive and engaged discussion, preferably including public consultation, often leading to a more successful and nuanced result.

The result is then a product not only of the designer, but of the authority and wider community as well. We are not talking about design by committee here, but an opportunity for the designer to facilitate and lead a design process that is informed by the context from both its past and its present.


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