The Van Dyck Vanishments

I worked on a computer game for performace: The Van Dyck Vanishments, with production company Milo Wladek as part of Geek Festival 2015.

The show comprised of a promenade theatre performance in Margate (East Kent, UK) with interactive game elements and an accompanying board game and computer game. I have been working on all game elements together with the production team and devising and simple point and click game to mirror the production.

We had some of the staging supported through a kickstarter campaign and support from the arts council to make the show free!

More information about the production and pictures will be added here as the show develops and is performed.

Production:  Milo Wladek
Fake show site:

GEEK festival
Marine Studios
Turner Contemporary
Arts Council

The online version is no longer playable

Testing builds to iPad for early app prototype:


Game development: Ben Byford

Illustration by Torri Taylored

Script by Joseph Wilde

Game commissioned, direction and testing by Milo Wladek and team

Special thanks:

Hayley Dixon - Art history research